safe and flexible method of administrating your Landfill Tax Credits

Community Projects

Object D allows community projects to provide and maintain public parks, spaces and public amenities that can be enjoyed by the public for leisure or entertainment.
A variety of community projects under category D of the Landfill Communities Fund can be funded. Projects range from playgrounds to public parks and renovations of village halls to pond creations.

All projects should fall within 10 miles of a landfill site.

A public park, space or amenity must be one that is open at times convenient for the general public and for appropriate periods. The minimum public access requirement is for 4 evenings or 2 full days every week, 104 days a year.

Neither the amenity nor the organisation running the project must operate for the purpose of making and distributing profit. A charge can be made but the proceeds must not be treated or distributed as profit.

Examples of amenities covered by Object D are as follows
Museums, Activity centres, Village halls, Village greens, Church yards, Public play grounds, Sports fields & facilities, Public footpaths, Nature reserves, Public parks, Bridleways, Community centres, Cycle paths and Country parks.